FLOR token is in the spotlight. What about the ADMN coin?

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Our planet is a living, breathing organism that is changing daily. Our actions affect it much more than we recognize. Climate change may influence the earth so greatly that we will find ourselves in the other universe. Think about dinosaurs. They are extinct now. While our technology will likely help us to avoid such a fate, we still need to tread carefully when it comes to using the earth’s resources, especially with global warming already on the way.

FLOR is an innovative project that aims to develop solutions to help fight climate change. The company plans to do that through the carbon credit market. The latter will assign a value to Greenhouse Gases (shortly – GHG). Moreover, the platform will penalize the factories that emit more GHG than the allocated quota while simultaneously rewarding those who emit less Greenhouse Gases.

The FLOR team hopes that by pricing GHG emissions, it will manage to correct current market failures. Lots of scientists warn that global warming will become humanity’s biggest challenge over the next 50 years. More and more people and companies try to offset their carbon footprints, but that’s not an easy process, especially with so many cars and factories.

FLOR wants to do more and change global warming’s current course that threatens our lifestyle. The team developed a technological solution to reduce the greenhouse effect and hinder global warming. The company introduced its environmental platform FLOR, along with its namesake native token, to achieve that goal.


How does the FLOR platform work? 

This website will provide credit operations for individuals, as well as small and big companies that wish to participate in its market. According to the team, FLOR Coin will allow people to innovate and integrate carbon credits into other platforms and projects. Moreover, the token will enable customers to incorporate carbon offsetting into smart contracts and trade them on the market.

Users will have their own wallets to save their FLOR tokens. It’s available on mobile apps and the web. In addition, small businesses or individual customers will be able to create new applications on the FLOR platform.

The company launched its token on January 10, 2022. The sale will end on June 1, 2023. 1 FLOR is trading for 0.05 USD during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 720000000.
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